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Location: Houston, Texas, United States

Monday, September 14, 2009

African Scarification Sculpture

On my sculpting tutorial website ( I've been reworking one of my older projects that I started a couple of years ago. For the past year I have predominantly been sculpting with wax so picking up the Super Sculpey again has been a little bit of an adjustment.

What I do like about Super Sculpey is that I can easily manipulate the shapes of my sculpture with just my fingers. This is especially handy when smoothing out a large section of the sculpture. Wax requires a lot more work in the smoothing out area but the overall benefits of sculpting with wax (no armature, hard to mess up the details) still make it my favorite medium to sculpt with.

It's nice to switch materials from time to time and each time I do so I think I learn a little more about sculpting. For those interested in the tutorial, you can follow my African Scarification sculpture here.